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Can I reuse images from this website?
'Open Access' images: Maybe - see rights holder's policy for details
Images not marked 'Open Access': NO - need explicit permission from the rights holder

Somebut not all - photographs in the Reframing Imperial War project are Open Access, and may be reused for academic purposes, and with restrictions specified by the rights holder .

Photographs not stated to be Open Access may not be reused without the permission of the rights holder. These images appear because their rights holders gave specific permission for these images to be included in the Reframing Imperial War project.

What is Open Access?
Open Access makes academic research available to all, without cost. Open Access images can be used by other researchers, just as they have been used by us.  

Open Access does not mean public domain.  Many Open Access photographs reproduced here have restrictions attached to their use and may not necessarily be reused outside an academic context. Before reusing an Open Access image, see individual image for details of the rights holder and their policy.

Who owns the material on this website?
Reframing Imperial War does not own the photographs featured, and cannot grant any rights, or discuss access or use of photographs. If you are aware of any errors in our copyright information, please contact us. See each photograph for a record of the rights statement attached by the photograph's owners to the best of our knowledge at the time of uploading. Rights information must be obtained directly from the rights holders. 

Unless otherwise stated, the text and original content of this website is open access under the Creative Commons CC BY-NC licence (see page footer).

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